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A Wonderful Job!

Joseph Baker was my lawyer for my divorce and he helped me out so much and did a wonderful job! I would recommend him to anyone! He’s a really nice polite friendly Lawyer! He answered all questions I had and if I was to go through a divorce again I would choose Joseph Baker I want to thank him for all that he did for me and for helping me through this divorce!


Best Experience

Mr. Baker was the best experience I didn't have to worry about anything, he handled my case fast and was very knowledgeable. I hired Mr. baker in may by July 21 my annulment was finalized was fast easy and clean to the point, thank you for the speedy judgment.


Best Lawyer for My Military Divorce

I am so pleased with the service offered by Joseph and the Virga Law team for my military divorce. I was so stressed about what to expect in the process, but Joseph and his team did a great job of keeping me informed of what to expect and did well in streamlining the process. Joseph was kind, compassionate, direct and was literally the kind of lawyer I wanted and needed to get me through this process. Thank you for your service, Joseph!


Professional & Affordable

Ok. Soooo I stumbled upon this law firm by googling "Best Law Firms" and Oh, am I glad I did!

Mr. Baker was very thorough, patient and super professional. He was able to answer ANY and all questions that I threw at him. I started the process of an annulment on the 13th of April and it was finalized on the 26th of May! You're talking about Happy? That was me that day! I was expecting delays (because of the situation) but God did it and The Virga Law Firm put it to play!

I HIGHLY recommended this firm 100%!!!


Kind and Skilled Attorney

Took his time to explain step by step the different stages of the divorce process, always showing great respect and empathy.


Experienced & Very Knowledgeable Attorney!

Joseph Baker gave me some very insightful advice. I really liked his professionalism and his ability to be understanding and courteous to the issues at hand. He gives free consultations, which to me is utterly important and was willing to see me face to face. Even during these trying times, Joseph wants to meet his clients in person. Kudos for that! His retention price is very reasonable and affordable compared to many other attorneys out there. Joseph also has high reviews on AVVO and in google reviews. He introduced himself at the start and extremely polite. He was not condescending at all, nor did he try to throw out there any titles of where he went to law school. He was very humble and let me talk and plead my case. I highly recommend this attorney


He Knows the Law

Coming to the final end of a divorce from 2006, and unsure how to be certain of a complete ending to the utter madness, I was fortunate enough to have spoken with Joseph on the phone. Twice. First, he seems really a decent and caring individual. I really got that over the phone. Second, he is very knowledgeable. He knows the law, and he understands the courts, specifically with regard to the victimization of men and fathers.
Over the years I’d spent tens of thousands of dollars on attorneys who frankly, sucked at their jobs. My nightmare will be over in a few short months. Joseph helped me to understand, very clearly, how to get to the final resolution of this madness perpetrated by our wholly corrupt court system. I truly wish I had found an attorney like Joseph years ago.


Supervised Visitation

Me. Baker was very informative and responsive to any questions I had....sometimes there was a lot. The end result my daughter was protected.


Professional and Organized

I wanted to thank and review Joseph on my consultation with him. He appeared very professional, knowledgeable and organized. I have been struggling with a family litigation suit for over 4 years and have met with many attourneys. After my consult I would have hired him and intend to do so when the time comes.


Great Consultation!

The in-person consultation was awesome. I came in there with lots of questions and seeing if Mr. Baker would be a good fit for me. He over exceeded my expectations in how he described a lawyer handles a case within the firm. I have had a horrible experience with a previous firm and Mr. Baker informed me on the processes that they have and the standards that they operate by. I was relieved at the end of the consultation and strongly believe that I have a great firm representing me in my family law case.


This Was a Divorce Case

Joseph Baker was referred to me by the Orange County Board we had a free consultation, I was very impressed by the way he explained everything to me to where I could understand. I hired Mr. Baker at that time, went to Court very nervous and he took over with his plan and everything worked out great. A big thank you to Mr. Baker.